UDC 2800

The UDC2800 is Honeywell’s most powerful panel-based single loop temperature controller ever.

With enhanced performance, Bluetooth configuration and remote connectivity, it’s a better solution for control of furnaces, ovens, boilers, heaters, environmental chambers, cookers, dryers and freezers.

We’re delighted to introduce Honeywell’s new generation of temperature controller. Bringing easy-to-use, better accuracy, precise tuning and Bluetooth configuration, UDC2800 will give you enhanced control of both your process and costs.

Replacing the UDC3200 and UDC2500 devices, the new controller offers radically enhanced performance, efficiency, connectivity and visibility to save your time and costs:

  • Big saving on configuration cloning with unique Bluetooth connectivity and IOS app
  • Improve visibility with a TFT full-color display
  • Simpler model selection, review and approval
  • Less inventory by introducing less SKU with more software functions
  • Improve control with 40% better accuracy
  • Detect trends faster with 100ms sample speed
  • 100% backward compatible

Meeting the Product
Simple to use, but powerful enough for the most complex operation, it meets the standards required for effective control of heat treatment and across the metals, glass, ceramics, food and beverages industries:

  • ASM2750F aerospace compliant
  • NEMA4X approved for food and beverage wash downs
  • IP66 certified

With 64 setpoints segments and four PID sets, UDC2800 supports a wide range of inputs including RTD, TC, mV, mA, RH, carbon and oxygen as well as two universal analogue inputs. It’s compliant, connected and effective – everything you need, without the costs you don’t.

UDC2800 – Flyer

UDC2800 – Technical Specifications

Meet the family
The UDC2800 is the first device in Honeywell’s new Process Instrument solutions. Standalone devices for demanding applications, Honeywell’s new powerful platform delivers Bluetooth connectivity, intuitive designs, a versatile range of inputs and remote connectivity options.

To find out more about the UDC2800 check out the Honeywell webpage or our forthcoming recorder and analyzers, contact your Sensorwell representative today.


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