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Industrial Infrared Pyrometers

How Infrared Pyrometers Work

Every object emits infrared energy proportional to its temperature. Hotter objects emit more energy; cooler objects emit less energy. Infrared pyrometers collect the infrared energy emitted by an object and convert it into a temperature value. The amount of energy collected by a sensor is influenced by the emissivity characteristics of the target and the transmission characteristics of any intervening optical obstructions between the sensor and the measured target. The influence of these factors varies signifcantly at different infrared wavelengths. Selecting a
pyrometer fltered at an appropriate wavelength makes all the difference in achieving accurate readings.


Williamson – Where Wavelength Matters

The most important Williamson difference is our particular emphasis on wavelength. By carefully selecting the wavelengths in our pyrometers, we can view through intervening optical obstructions, reduce emissivity variation and provide more stable and accurate temperature measurements. For over 60 years, Williamson has been making the most accurate pyrometers for demanding industrial applications. With a history of engineering customized solutions, our philosophy is that there is a specifc pyrometer for every application, not a handful of pyrometers to ft every application.


Why Wavelength Matters

For temperature measurements in ideal laboratory settings, all that matters is the calibration accuracy of the pyrometer. However, most industrial applications involve less than ideal operating conditions with a number of interferences and factors that contribute to inaccurate readings. Thoughtful wavelength selection can dramatically reduce or even eliminate errors due to optical obstructions, emissivity variation, background reflections, and misalignment. Most pyrometer manufacturers focus on calibration accuracy, optics, and temperature range but not wavelength selection. At Williamson we emphasize thoughtful wavelength selection to ensure our pyrometers provide the most accurate temperature measurement under any operating condition.


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