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High Frequency – Constant Current

Honeywell high frequency miniature amplified piezoelectric accelerometers are designed to provide highly accurate and reliable data in a variety of industrial test and automation environments where space is limited or a high natural frequency is desired. The constant current low output impedance output combined with the ability to drive high load capacitance allows long runs of low cost cable without degradation of data. These sensors feature non-magnetic, completely sealed stainless steel construction with very low magnetic field susceptibility. The seismic element is mechanically isolated from the mounting base, resulting in a low base strain sensitivity. These features, together with a sealed body, help assure accurate and reliable data. Available in a number of configurations and options, including different mounting arrangement patterns and stainless steel armored cable lengths.


  • High frequency piezoelectric accelerometer
  • 2 Hz to 15 kHz usable frequency range
  • IEPE output
  • mV/G output
  • Isolated ac output
  • Stainless steel overbraided PTFE cable
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MA341/342 Series

High frequency accelerometers • 2 Hz to 10 kHz • ¼-28 UNF female mounting threads • 5m integral stainless steel overbraid PTFE cable or 2-pin MS… More details

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