Model 434 Wing Union Pressure Sensor, 5000 psi, ±0.2 %FSS accuracy, temperature compensated, internal amplifiers (with enhancement 3HJ), Bendix PT 6-pin (PTIH-10-6P) electrical termination, Weco® 2002/2202 pressure port, 6-pin with two-wire shunt wiring, 5-point calibration, and Inconel® X-750 wetted diaphragm
Models 434/435/437 Wing Union/Hammer Union Pressure Sensors are designed for demanding oil and gas applications as well as stimulation and circulation systems. They are constructed as an all-welded, stainless steel assembly with the sensor diaphragm and wing union fitting machined as one part, which provides hermetic integrity and minimizes media leakage versus multi-piece parts. The isolated pressure sensing diaphragm minimizes zero-shift during hammer up and eliminates long-term signal drift in the field. The Weco® 1502, 2002, and 2202 Wing Union-compatible fittings are machined of Inconel® X-750, or optional NACE-compliant Inconel® 718, allowing for use with abrasive and corrosive media. The Honeywell proprietary stainless steel electrical connection provides enhanced secondary pressure containment. Special assembly processes provide enhanced shock and vibration for reliable performance in the field.

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Produkt Merkmale


  • High accuracy ±0.1 %FSS BFSL (Model 435); standard accuracy ±0.2 %FSS BFSL (Models 434/435/437)
  • All-welded one-piece, hermetically sealed, stainless-steel construction
  • Standard aperture (Models 434/435) and wide aperture (Model 437) pressure ports available to support media blends with high viscosities
  • Inconel® X-750 or Inconel® 718 (NACE Compliant) wetted parts provide additional durability with abrasive or corrosive media
  • Multiple electrical connectors supported
  • High accuracy shunt calibration option allows users the ability to validate the offset signal in the field, ensuring the sensor is actively plugged into the system; one-wire and two-wire options available
  • Protective cage option provides extra electrical connection protection and increases durability
  • RFI/EMI protected
  • Intrinsically safe: CFMUS/ATEX/IEC Ex certification
  • CE approved


  • Acidizing
  • Choke manifold
  • Fracturing and cementing
  • Measurement while drilling (MWD)
  • Mud pumps / mud logging
  • New well development and extraction
  • Oil and gas drilling
  • Service and cement trucks
  • Standpipe
  • Stimulation
  • Well head measurement

Technische Daten

Form Factor
Oil & Gas
Pressure Range
5,000 psi
Pressure Unit
±0.2 %FSS
4 mA to 20 mA, two wire
5-point calibration: 0 %, 50 %, and 100 % of full scale
Corrosive and abrasive service, Inconel® X-750
Temperature (Operating)
-40 °C to 125 °C [-40 °F to 257 °F]
Temperature (Compensated)
-40 °C to 85 °C [-40 °F to 185 °F]
Temperature Effect (Zero)
<±0.018 %FSS/°C [0.01 %FSS/°F]
Temperature Effect (Span)
<±0.018 %reading/°C [0.01 %reading/°F]
Hermetically sealed IP68/NEMA 6P
Electrical Termination (std)
Bendix PT 6-pin, PTIH-10-6P
Insulation Resistance
>100 MOhm @ 20 Vdc
Zero and Span Adjustments
Field adjustable
Frequency Response
2500 Hz
Internal Amplifiers
4 mA to 20 mA, two wire, intrinsically safe
Amplifier Enhancements
4 mA to 16 mA for 0 psi to 15000 psi or 0 bar to 1012 bar with over-range up to 20 mA at 20000 psi, two -wire shunt calibration
Circuit Protection
Reverse polarity protection of supply leads
RFI/EMI Protection
Noise immunity up to 2.7 GHz
Overload (safe)
150 % rated FS or limit of Weco® 2002/2202 fitting
Overload (burst)
250 % rated pressure or limit of Weco® 2002/2202 fitting
Wetted Parts Material
Inconel® X-750
Case Material
Inconel® X-750
Intrinsically Safe Option
2.2 kg [4.85 lb]
Pressure Port
Weco® 2002, 2202 wing union, standard aperture, Ø19,05 mm [0.75 in]
Product Dimensions
Ø76,20 mm x 96,52 mm [Ø3.0 in x 3.8 in]
Agency Approvals and Standards
CE, cFMus, EX, and IEC Ex approvals
UNSPSC Commodity
41112110 Pressure Transducer
Series Name

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