Beam Style Load Cells


Beam Style Load Cells

Honeywell offers two types of economical beam style load cells, built either of one-piece, nickel plated carbon alloy steel or aluminum. Both offer impressive measuring accuracies to measure even very low bending forces and small dimensions for easy integration into existing systems. Integral cables are included with each model. If you need special modifications or a complete custom design to meet your unique requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • Economical load cell for measuring a variety of bending forces
  • Constructed from stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminum
  • 0.1 % or 0.02 % linearity / accuracy full scale
  • Operating temperatures of -30 °C to 70 °C [-22 °F to 158 °F] or -18 °C to 93 °C [ 0 °F to 200 °F]
  • Small size
  • Integral cable

Load Cell Range Guide

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Beam Style Load Cells – Aluminum

Aluminium construction • Miniature size • Semiconductor gage (25g to 1000g) or foil gage (150g to 10lb) • 0,1% linearity • Small diameter • Calibrated in… Mehr Details zur Serie

Beam Style Load Cells – Carbon Steel

One piece, nickel-plated alloy steel construction • Foil gage technology • Ranges from 50kg up to 10.000kg • ±0.02 % accuracy • Integral cable • Cost… Mehr Details zur Serie

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