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In-Line/Rod End Load Cells

Honeywell in-line tension and tension/compression load cells are designed to be mounted inline to the load axis to measure tension. Rod end models, offered in either tension or tension/compression versions, are constructed of all welded stainless steel with a variety of thread configurations making them ideal for field applications as well as laboratory settings. The tension/compression series are capable of withstanding significant off-axis loads, making them an ideal choice for in-line compression measurement or tension measurement where side loading cannot be completely controlled.

Other Honeywell in-line load cells are constructed of carbon steel and offer a smaller diameter design for mounting into an existing work system with tight spaces or clearances. Commonly used in fluid power transfer systems. Economical and easy to mount, these load cells allow simultaneous testing of multi-element systems.


  • Rugged, fatigue resistant design in welded stainless steel; choose tension or tension / compression models
  • Economical carbon steel tension / compression compact in-line load cells with small diameter for easy mounting into existing systems also available
  • Load ranges from 2000 lb to 20000 lbs
  • Linearity ranges of up to 0.15% or up to 0.25% accuracy
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Carbon Steel In-Line/Rod End Load Cells

Small dia. for mounting in restricted areas • Capacities from 2,000 lb to 25,000 lb • Adapts directly to hydraulic cylinder Mehr Details zur Serie

Stainless Steel In-Line/Rod End Load Cells

High quality, rugged • Ranges from 2,000 lb to 200,000 lbs • Whitstand significant off-axis load for in-line tension or compression measurement Mehr Details zur Serie

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