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Miniature – Stainless Steel

Honeywell miniature load cells are designed to fit into systems with limited space or tight clearances. The Model 31 series are Honeywell’s highest accuracy, rugged miniature load cells, designed to measure both tension and compression load forces from 50 grams to up to 10000 lbs or 0.5 N up to 50 kN, with high accuracies of 0.15 to 0.25% full scale.

The all welded, stainless steel construction is designed to eliminate or reduce to a minimum the effect of off-axis loads. Can be completely welded for underwater applications. We also offer Model 53 bonded foil strain gage transducers which are designed for cost efficient production and testing applications (e.g., press calibration). Able to measure compression force up to 50000 lb or 200 kN, this model achieves a maximum non-linearity of 0.25% full scale. Precision gaging techniques and stainless steel construction provides excellent long term stability and reliability under severe operating conditions.


  • Miniature sizes ranging as low as 12,7 mm to 35,05 mm in diameter; and from 11,43 to 38,1 mm in height
  • Load range measurements: 50 g to 10000 lbs; 0.5 N to 5 kN; or 5 lbs to 50000 lbs
  • Stainless steel construction; all welded option available for underwater applications
  • High accuracies of 0.15% to 0.25% full scale
  • mV/V output
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Model 31 Series

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Model 34

Miniature load cells • Range of 50 g to 1,000 lb • ±0.25% & ±0.30 %full scale accuracy • Stainless steel • Female thread attachments Mehr Details zur Serie

Model 53 Series

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