Analog Telemetry (WDC) Torque Tranducers

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Analog Telemetry (WDC) Torque Tranducers

Honeywell has been providing wireless telemetry solutions for more than 20 years. Also known as our WDC product line, Honeywell analog wireless telemetry products allow customers to measure torque, temperature, acceleration, and other parameters in rotating equipment in a variety of challenging environments and applications. Honeywell’s analog wireless telemetry utilizes RF (radio frequency ) technology to wirelessly transmit information for potential applications such as testing, or continuous monitoring of equipment for feedback or control purposes, thus minimizing concerns about alignment, brush wear and contamination. Systems usually consist of a transmitter, a receiver, a power supply (inductive or battery), a module support ring (collar), and antennas (rotating and stationary) Each customer application and working environment is unique. That’s why Honeywell works closely with each customer to develop a customized solution to meet their specific requirements. Contact us to learn more.


  • Measures torque, strain, torsional vibration, temperature, horsepower, acceleration, RPM, thrust, bending, displacement, or other parameters
  • Frequency response from dc to 1 kHz
  • Typical RF operating frequencies ranging up to 16 MHz
  • RF modulation types include FSK and PWM
  • In-line torque sensors and clamp-on torsionmeter options
  • Can be optimized to work in many harsh or rugged environments, high vibration areas, or tight spaces
  • Custom options available

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