We as Sensorwell have recently received ISO 9001 certification for our quality management system. ISO 9001 certification is an internationally recognized standard that defines a set of requirements for a quality management system that help improve customer satisfaction and increase business efficiency.

The certification was awarded following a comprehensive audit by an independent certification body that assessed Sensorwell’s quality management system for conformance to ISO 9001 requirements. The audit included a thorough review of Sensorwell’s business processes, quality systems and operational performance.


Zum Zertifikat

ISO 9001:2015 certification as a milestone

ISO 9001 certification is an important milestone for Sensorwell as it demonstrates that the company is committed to the highest standard of quality and continuously strives to improve its processes and increase customer satisfaction. The certification ensures that Sensorwell has an effective quality management system that is capable of meeting customers’ requirements and exceeding their expectations.

The certification also demonstrates that Sensorwell takes its responsibilities as a company seriously and is committed to the quality and safety of its products. Sensorwell’s customers can be confident that their products meet the highest quality standards and that they are supported by a company that is committed to continuously improving its processes and services.

“ISO 9001 certification is proof that Sensorwell is a quality-driven company that continually strives to improve its business processes and customer satisfaction,” said Sensorwell’s CEO . “We are proud of our compliance with ISO 9001 requirements and our continuous focus on our customers’ needs. This certification is an important milestone for our company and will help us continue to grow our business.”


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