Safety Units

SE-SR2 is a safety unit that can be used in combination with every DATALOGIC Safety Light Curtains. It provides dual-channel operation without detection of shorts across contacts.
Short circuits and earth faults in the pushbutton circuit are detected.
CS-ME is an interface with two forcibly guided relays, providing 3 NO contacts. The diagnostic function must be performed by the Safety Light Curtains through External Device Monitoring function.

Safety Units and Interfaces

Productnumbers Material Description Ordernumbers
SE-SR2 Safety Unit 95ACC6170
CSME-03VU24-Y14 Forcibly guided relay interface 95ASE1270
SG -SRT-1 Muting connection box 95ASE2050
SG -SRT-2 Muting connection box with lamp 95ASE2060
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