SG-DM series mirrors allow for  integration in perimeter applications with finger, hand and body resolution safety light curtains as well as with single beams.

Mirrors and Stands Datasheet

Ordernumbers Productnumbers + Material Description
95ASE2290 SG-P = Plate kit for protective stands
95ASE2300 SG-PSM-2-500 = Protective stand with= 2 adjustable mirrors h=500mm
95ASE2310 SG-PSM-3-800 = Protective stand with= 3 adjustable mirrors h=800mm
95ASE2320 SG-PSM-4-900 = Protective stand with= 4 adjustable mirrors h=900mm
95ASE2330 SG-PSM-4-1200 = Protective stand with= 4adjustable mirrors h=1200mm
95ASE1670 SG-DM-150 = Deviating mirror h=150mm
95ASE1680 SG-DM-600 = Deviating mirror h=600mm
95ASE1690 SG-DM-900 = Deviating mirror h=900mm
95ASE1700 SG-DM-1200 = Deviating mirror h=1200mm
95ASE1710 SG-DM-1650 = Deviating mirror h=1650mm
95ASE1720 SG-DM-1900 = Deviating mirror h=1900mm
95ASE2240 SG-PSB-600 = Protective stand h=600mm
95ASE2250 SG-PSB-1000 = Protective stand h=1000mm
95ASE2260 SG-PSB-1200 = Protective stand  h=1200mm
95ASE2270 SG-PSB-1650 = Protective stand  h=1650mm
95ASE2280 SG-PSB-1900 = Protective stand  h=1900mm
95ACC1730 SE-S-800 = Column and floor stand h=800mm
95ACC1740 SE-S-1000 = Column and floor stand h=1000mm
95ACC1750 SE-S-1200 = Column and floor stand h=1200mm
95ACC1760 SE-S-1500 = Column and floor stand h=1500mm
95ACC1770 SE-S-1800 = Column and floor stand h=1800mm
95ASE1940 ST-DM = Deviating mirrors SG-DM mounting kit
95ASE1770 ST-PS-DM = Deviating mirror mounting kit
95ASE1730 ST-PS4-SG-BODY = Protective stand 4 pcs mounting kit for SG BODY BIG
95ASE1740 ST-PS6-SG-BODY = Protective stand 6 pcs mounting kit for SG BODY BIG
95ASE1750 ST-PS4-SG-SE = Protective stand 4 pcs mounting kit for SE/SG
95ASE1760 ST-PS6-SG-SE = Protective stand 6 pcs mounting kit for SE/SG
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