SG-IP69K are PMMA tubes used to protect safety light curtains SG2 BASE, SG2 EXTENDED, SG4 BASE and SG BODY COMPACT.
They are available in protection degrees IP67, IP68 and IP69K for harsh environments.

SG-IP69k Series

Ordernumbers Productnumbers Description
95ase1290 sg-IP69k 150 tubular IP69k h=150mm
95ase1300 sg-IP69k 300 tubular IP69k h=300mm
95ase1310 sg-IP69k 450 tubular IP69k h=450mm
95ase1320 sg-IP69k 600 tubular IP69k h=600mm
95ase1330 sg-IP69k 750 tubular IP69k h=750mm
95ase1340 sg-IP69k 900 tubular IP69k h=900mm
95ase1350 sg-IP69k 1050 tubular IP69k h=1050mm
95ase1360 sg-IP69k 1200 tubular IP69k h=1200mm
95ase1370 sg-IP69k 1350 tubular IP69k h=1350mm
95ase1380 sg-IP69k 1500 tubular IP69k h=1500mm
95ase1390 sg-IP69k 1650 tubular IP69k h=1650mm
95ase1400 sg-IP69k 1800 tubular IP69k h=1800mm
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