The S5N new sensor generation will benefit Datalogic’s new ASIC, offering many improvements in terms of integration scale, production flexibility, immunity to electrical and optical interferences, as well as improved stability at the rated performances.

S5N sensors, with standard M18 flat tubular housing, continue to offer the widest range in its segment, with a complete choice of optical functions, axial or radial optics, cable or M12 connector, npn or pnp with no-nc outputs, etc. Additionally, the new S5N Sensors with their new and unique ASIC technology will make the M18 family the first tubular sensor family with IO-Link V1.1 and smart sensor profile on the market.

The new S5N sensor will set the technical benchmark for the IO-Link connected sensor becoming a reference point for the Industry 4.0 connected world.

S5N – Data Sheet


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Ordernumbers Productnumbers + Material Description
952001001 S5N-PA-5-M03-PP bgd-supp pnp no-nc M12
952001011 S5N-PA-2-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc cable
952001021 S5N-PA-5-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc M12
952001031 S5N-PR-2-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc cable
952001041 S5N-PR-5-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc M12
952001051 S5N-PA-2-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc cable
952001061 S5N-PA-5-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc M12
952001071 S5N-PR-2-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc cab
952001081 S5N-PR-5-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc M12
952001091 S5N-PA-2-D00-PP
952001101 S5N-PA-5-D00-PP
952001111 S5N-PR-2-D00-PP
952001121 S5N-PR-5-D00-PP
952001131 S5N-PA-2-E01-PP opt-fibr pnp no-nc cable
952001141 S5N-PA-5-E01-PP opt-fibr pnp no-nc M12
952001151 S5N-PA-2-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc cable
952001161 S5N-PA-5-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc M12
952001171 S5N-PR-2-F01-PP rec.pnp no-nc cab
952001181 S5N-PR-5-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc M12
952001191 S5N-PA-2-G00-XG EMITTER CABLE
952001201 S5N-PA-5-G00-XG EMITTER M12
952001211 S5N-PR-2-G00-XG EMITTER CABLE
952001221 S5N-PR-5-G00-XG EMITTER M12
952001231 S5N-PA-2-M03-PP bgd-supp pnp no-nc cable
952001241 S5N-PA-2-C10-PP
952001251 S5N-PA-5-C10-PP
952001261 S5N-PA-2-T01-PP rrx-tran pnp no-nc cable
952001271 S5N-PA-5-T01-PP rrx-tran pnp no-nc M12
952001281 S5N-PR-2-T01-PP rrx-tran pnp no-nc cb
952001291 S5N-PR-5-T01-PP rrx-tran pnp no-nc M12
952001301 S5N-PA-2-U03-PP
952001311 S5N-PA-5-U03-PP
952001321 S5N-PA-2-W03-PP contrast pnp no-nc cable
952001331 S5N-PA-5-W03-PP contrast pnp no-nc M12
952001361 S5N-PL-2-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc cable
952001371 S5N-PL-5-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc M12
952001381 S5N-PL-2-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc cable
952001391 S5N-PL-5-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc M12
952001401 S5N-PL-2-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc cable
952001411 S5N-PL-5-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc M12
952001421 S5N-PL-2-G00-XG emitter cable
952001431 S5N-PL-5-G00-XG emitter M12
952001481 S5N-PR-5-C10-PP
952001491 S5N-PR-2-C10-PP
952001501 S5N-PA-5-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc M12
952001511 S5N-PA-5-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc M12
952001521 S5N-PA-5-C10-NN
952001531 S5N-PA-5-D00-NN
952001541 S5N-PA-5-E01-NN opt-fibr npn no-nc M12
952001551 S5N-PA-5-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc M12
952001561 S5N-PA-5-M03-NN bgd-supp npn no-nc M12
952001581 S5N-PA-5-T01-NN rrx-tran npn no-nc M12
952001601 S5N-PA-5-W03-NN contrast npn no-nc M12
952001611 S5N-PA-2-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc cable
952001621 S5N-PA-2-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc cable
952001631 S5N-PA-2-C10-NN
952001641 S5N-PA-2-D00-NN
952001651 S5N-PA-2-E01-NN opt-fibr npn no-nc cable
952001661 S5N-PA-2-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc cable
952001671 S5N-PA-2-M03-NN bgd-supp npn no-nc cable
952001691 S5N-PA-2-T01-NN rrx-tran npn no-nc cable
952001711 S5N-PA-2-W03-NN contrast npn no-nc cable
952001721 S5N-PR-5-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc M12
952001731 S5N-PR-5-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc M12
952001741 S5N-PR-5-C10-NN
952001751 S5N-PR-5-D00-NN
952001761 S5N-PR-5-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc M12
952001771 S5N-PR-5-T01-NN rrx-tran npn no-nc M12
952001781 S5N-PR-2-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc cb
952001791 S5N-PR-2-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc cb
952001801 S5N-PR-2-C10-NN
952001811 S5N-PR-2-D00-NN
952001821 S5N-PR-2-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc cb
952001831 S5N-PR-2-T01-NN rrx-tran npn no-nc cb
952001841 S5N-PL-5-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc M12
952001851 S5N-PL-5-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc M12
952001861 S5N-PL-5-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc M12
952001871 S5N-PL-2-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc cable
952001881 S5N-PL-2-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc cable
952001891 S5N-PL-2-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc cable
952001901 S5N-PS-2-M03-NN
952001931 S5N-PS-5-M03-PP
952001941 S5N-PH-2-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc cable
952001951 S5N-PH-2-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc cable
952001961 S5N-PH-5-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc M12
952001971 S5N-PH-5-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc M12
952001981 S5N-PH-2-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc cable
952001991 S5N-PH-2-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc cable
952002001 S5N-PH-5-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc M12
952002011 S5N-PH-5-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc M12
952002021 S5N-PH-2-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc cable
952002031 S5N-PH-2-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc cable
952002041 S5N-PH-5-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc M12
952002051 S5N-PH-5-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc M12
952002061 S5N-PH-2-G00-XG emitter cable
952002071 S5N-PH-5-G00-XG emitter M12
952002081 S5N-PA-2-A00-PP
952002091 S5N-PA-2-A00-NN
952002101 S5N-PA-5-A00-PP
952002111 S5N-PA-5-A00-NN
952002161 S5N-PA-2-C21-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc cable
952002171 S5N-PA-2-C21-NN dif-prox npn no-nc cable
952002181 S5N-PA-5-C21-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc M12
952002191 S5N-PA-5-C21-NN dif-prox npn no-nc M12
952002200 S5N-PA-5-B01-OZ RRP pl ax IOL-M12
952002210 S5N-PA-5-C01-OZ Prox pl ax IOL-M12
952002220 S5N-PA-5-T01-OZ Transp pl ax IOL-M12
952002230 S5N-PA-5-M03-OZ Bgs pl ax IOL-M12
952002240 S5N-PA-5-W03-OZ Contrast pl ax IOL-M12
952002250 S5N-PL-5-B01-OZ RRP pl ax las IOL-M12
952002260 S5N-PL-5-C01-OZ Prox pl ax las IOL-M12
952021001 S5N-MA-2-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc cable
952021011 S5N-MA-2-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc cable
952021021 S5N-MA-2-C10-PP
952021031 S5N-MA-2-D00-PP
952021041 S5N-MA-2-E01-PP opt-fibr pnp no-nc cable
952021051 S5N-MA-2-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc cable
952021061 S5N-MA-2-G00-XG EMITTER CABLE
952021071 S5N-MA-2-M03-PP bgd-supp pnp no-nc cable
952021091 S5N-MA-2-T01-PP rrx-tran pnp no-nc cable
952021111 S5N-MA-2-W03-PP contrast pnp no-nc cable
952021141 S5N-MR-2-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc cable
952021151 S5N-MR-2-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc cable
952021161 S5N-MR-2-D00-PP
952021171 S5N-MR-2-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc cable
952021181 S5N-MR-2-G00-XG EMITTER CABLE
952021191 S5N-MR-2-T01-PP rrx-tran pnp no-nc cable
952021201 S5N-MA-5-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc M12
952021211 S5N-MA-5-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc M12
952021221 S5N-MA-5-C10-PP
952021231 S5N-MA-5-D00-PP
952021241 S5N-MA-5-E01-PP opt-fibr pnp no-nc M12
952021251 S5N-MA-5-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc M12
952021261 S5N-MA-5-G00-XG EMITTER M12 10…30VDC
952021271 S5N-MA-5-M03-PP bgd-supp pnp no-nc M12
952021291 S5N-MA-5-T01-PP rrx-tran pnp no-nc M12
952021301 S5N-MA-5-U03-PP
952021311 S5N-MA-5-W03-PP contrast pnp no-nc M12
952021341 S5N-MR-5-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc M12
952021351 S5N-MR-5-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc M12
952021361 S5N-MR-5-D00-PP
952021371 S5N-MR-5-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc M12
952021381 S5N-MR-5-G00-XG EMITTER M12
952021391 S5N-MR-5-T01-PP rrx-tran pnp no-nc M12
952021401 S5N-ML-2-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc cable
952021411 S5N-ML-2-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc cable
952021421 S5N-ML-2-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc cable
952021431 S5N-ML-2-G00-XG emitter cable
952021441 S5N-ML-5-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc M12
952021451 S5N-ML-5-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc M12
952021461 S5N-ML-5-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc M12
952021471 S5N-ML-5-G00-XG emitter M12 10…30Vdc
952021481 S5N-MR-5-C10-PP
952021491 S5N-MR-2-C10-PP
952021501 S5N-MA-2-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc cable
952021511 S5N-MA-2-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc cable
952021521 S5N-MA-2-C10-NN
952021531 S5N-MA-2-D00-NN
952021541 S5N-MA-2-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc cable
952021551 S5N-MA-2-M03-NN bgd-supp npn no-nc cable
952021571 S5N-MA-2-T01-NN rrx-tran npn no-nc cable
952021601 S5N-MR-2-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc cable
952021611 S5N-MR-2-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc cable
952021621 S5N-MR-2-C10-NN
952021631 S5N-MR-2-D00-NN
952021641 S5N-MR-2-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc cable
952021651 S5N-MR-2-T01-NN rrx-tran npn no-nc cable
952021661 S5N-MA-5-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc M12
952021671 S5N-MA-5-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc M12
952021681 S5N-MA-5-C10-NN
952021691 S5N-MA-5-D00-NN
952021701 S5N-MA-5-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc M12
952021731 S5N-MA-5-T01-NN rrx-tran npn no-nc M12
952021751 S5N-MA-5-W03-NN contrast npn no-nc M12
952021761 S5N-MR-5-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc M12
952021771 S5N-MR-5-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc M12
952021781 S5N-MR-5-C10-NN
952021791 S5N-MR-5-D00-NN
952021801 S5N-MR-5-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc M12
952021811 S5N-MR-5-T01-NN rrx-tran npn no-nc M12
952021821 S5N-ML-2-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc cable
952021831 S5N-ML-2-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc cable
952021841 S5N-ML-2-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc cable
952021851 S5N-ML-5-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc M12
952021861 S5N-ML-5-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc M12
952021871 S5N-ML-5-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc M12
952021881 S5N-MA-2-E01-NN opt-fibr npn no-nc cable
952021891 S5N-MA-5-E01-NN opt-fibr npn no-nc M12
952021941 S5N-MH-2-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc cable
952021951 S5N-MH-2-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc cable
952021961 S5N-MH-5-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc M12
952021971 S5N-MH-5-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc M12
952021981 S5N-MH-2-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc cable
952021991 S5N-MH-2-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc cable
952022001 S5N-MH-5-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc M12
952022011 S5N-MH-5-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc M12
952022021 S5N-MH-2-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc cable
952022031 S5N-MH-2-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc cable
952022041 S5N-MH-5-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc M12
952022051 S5N-MH-5-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc M12
952022061 S5N-MH-2-G00-XG emitter cable
952022071 S5N-MH-5-G00-XG emitter M12 10…30Vdc
952022081 S5N-MA-2-A00-PP
952022091 S5N-MA-2-A00-NN
952022101 S5N-MA-5-A00-PP
952022111 S5N-MA-5-A00-NN
952022121 S5N-MA-2-C21-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc cable
952022131 S5N-MA-2-C21-NN dif-prox npn no-nc cable
952022141 S5N-MA-5-C21-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc M12
952022151 S5N-MA-5-C21-NN dif-prox npn no-nc M12
952022160 S5N-MA-5-B01-OZ RRP met ax IOL-M12
952022170 S5N-MA-5-M03-OZ Bgs met ax IOL- 12
952022180 S5N-ML-5-B01-OZ RRP met ax las IOL-M12
952022190 S5N-ML-5-C01-OZ Prox met ax las IOL-M12
952022200 S5N-MA-5-C01-OZ Prox met ax IOL-M12
895000006 SWING-18 = adjustable support for M18 tubular sensors
95ACC0007 CS-M1-02-B-03 5p M12-F Lcode axial 3m gr
95ACC0008 CS-H1-02-B-03 4p M12-M/M8-F axial 3m bk
95ACC0009 CS-I1-02-B-03 4p M12-M/M12-F axial 3m bk
95ACC1370 SP-40 = Tubolar mounting bracket
95ACC1380 MICRO-18 = M18 support with micrometric regulation for tubular M18 sensors
95ACC2630 Flared Plastic nut M18 = Flared Plastic mounting nut M18
95ACC3340 ST-1218 = M12/M18 mounting brackets
95ACC3350 ST-1830 = M18/M30 mounting brackets
95ACC5220 JOINT-18 = Jointed protective bracket M18
95ACC5230 ST-5010 = M18/14 mounting bracket
95ACC5240 ST-5011 = M18 mounting bracket short
95ACC5250 ST-5012 = M18 mounting bracket long
95ACC5270 ST-5017 = M18 mounting bracket
95ACC5300 EASY-IN = M18/14 EASY in™ adjustable mounting support
G5000001 MEK-PROOF = front protection (only for metal models)
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