SR21 offer high resolution, high speed and very short response time in precise label positioning, applying and printing, even with very fast machinery and process

SR21 – Datasheet

Ordernumbers Productnumbers + Material Description
953151070 SR21-IR = Label sensor infra red   pnp/npn  – M8
953151080 SR21-RG = Label sensor red/green  pnp/npn  – M8
95A251100 CS-B1-02-O-10 = M8 4-p axial 10m CEI 2034-01
95A251110 CS-B2-02-O-10 = M8 4-p radial 10m CEI 2034-01
95A251420 CS-B1-02-G-03 4 poli M8 3m grigio
95A251430 CS-B1-02-G-05 = M8 4-p axial 5m
95A251440 CS-B1-02-G-07 = M8 4-p axial 7m
95A251450 CS-B2-02-G-03 = M8 4-p radial 3m
95A251460 CS-B2-02-G-05 = M8 4-p radial 5m
95A251470 CS-B2-02-G-07 = M8 4-p radial 7m
95A251480 CS-B1-02-G-10 4 poli M8 10m grigio
95A251530 CS-B2-02-G-10 = M8 4-p radial 10m
95A251620 CS-B1-02-R-02 = M8 4-p axial 2m PUR
95A251630 CS-B2-02-R-02 = M8 4-p radial 2m PUR
95A251640 CS-B1-02-R-05 = M8 4-p axial 5m PUR
95A251650 CS-B2-02-R-05 = M8 4-p radial 5m PUR
95A251720 CS-B2-02-O-05 = M8 4-p radial 5m CEI 2034-01
95A251730 CS-B1-02-O-05 = M8 4-p axial 5m CEI 2034-01
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