SRF series offers versions with 30, 50, 80 and 120mm fork for object detection, LED or Laser light emission, sensitivity trimmer, PNP or NPN output, Light/Dark mode selection

SRF – Datasheet

Ordernumbers Productnumbers + Material Description
95B020050 SRF-30-5-P = Fork sensor 30mm. slot pnp  – M8
95B020060 SRF-50-5-P = Fork sensor 50mm. slot pnp  – M8
95B020070 SRF-80-5-P = Fork sensor 80mm. slot pnp  – M8
95B020080 SRF-120-5-P = Fork sensor 120mm. slot pnp  – M8
95B020090 SRF-30-5-N = Fork sensor 30mm. slot npn  – M8
95B020100 SRF-50-5-N = Fork sensor 50mm. slot npn  – M8
95B020110 SRF-80-5-N = Fork sensor 80mm. slot npn  – M8
95B020120 SRF-120-5-N = Fork sensor 120mm. slot npn  – M8
95B020130 SRF-L-30-5-P = Fork sensor laser 30mm. slot pnp  – M8
95B020140 SRF-L-50-5-P = Fork sensor laser 50mm. slot pnp  – M8
95B020150 SRF-L-80-5-P = Fork sensor laser 80mm. slot pnp  – M8
95B020160 SRF-L-120-5-P = Fork sensor laser 120mm. slot pnp  – M8
95A251490 CS-B1-01-G-03 = M8 3-p axial 3m
95A251500 CS-B2-01-G-03 = M8 3-p radial 3m
95A251510 CS-B1-01-G-05 = M8 3-p axial 5m
95A251520 CS-B2-01-G-05 = M8 3-p radial 5m
95A251580 CS-B1-01-R-02 = M8 3-p axial 2m PUR
95A251590 CS-B2-01-R-02 = M8 3-p radial 2m PUR
95A251600 CS-B1-01-R-05 = M8 3-p axial 5m PUR
95A251610 CS-B2-01-R-05 = M8 3-p radial 5m PUR
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