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Ultrasonic Distance Sensors

PIL-ultrasonic sensors are for a wide spectrum of different tasks. The following list is describing this exemplified:

Operation areas

  • Distance measurement of moving machine parts and other products
  • Recording of moving objects made of all materials, also glass
  • Attendance check of objects and humans
  • Counting of objects in different shapes
  • Completeness control of objects in bundles (bottles in a box)
  • Filling level measurement of bulk goods and fluids in containers and silos
  • Winding and unwinding control of rolls in paper-, foil and textile industry
  • Slack measurement to regulate the material tension in a multi-level working process
  • Sorting regulation with high profil measurement of packages on conveyor-bands
  • Positioning regulation with measurements of staple heights and overlaps on loaders
  • Monitoring of areas, which should not be accessible
  • Collision protection in flexible converors

PIL Ultrasonic Product Overview

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Ultrasonic Distance Sensors



In this series the analogue and the switching outputs are programmed by a built-in teaching pushbutton.


Ultrasonic Sensors, Sensorheads and SETs Series P42


For sophisticated use with more than one switchpoint or a variable analogue curve, window- and hysteresisfunction, teach-in over remote.


In this series the analogue and the switching outputs are programmed by teach-in.


Ultrasonic Sensors and Ultrasonic-Barriers


Ultrasonic Barriers up to 1100 mm Sensing Distance


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