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LCI-100N Fiber Optic Northfinder

The LCI-100N is a compact gyro compass unit designed for challenging applications. It consists of the newest generation of fiber optic gyroscopes (FOG), microelectromechanical (MEMS) accelerometers providing reliable north direction independent of magnetic fields and vibration impact. With its easy to integrate mechanical and electrical interfaces the LCI-100N is the best choice for all systems requiring accurate heading and attitude data.

Main Features:

  • Alignment proceeding time ≤5 minutes
  • Analytical platform calculation
  • Data output fully compensated for temperature and misalignment
  • Auto-Levelling and auto-alignment features (selectable) based on a rest and motion detection
  • Extensive built-in-test features
  • RS-422 interface (UART and HDLC)
  • German technology
  • No US export restrictions apply

Datenblatt LCI-100N

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Navigation systems

Heading reference for various applications:

Construction machines

Underground mining machines

RIG alignment

Autonomous vehicles

Remotely operated vehicles

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