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Digital Gauges – Stainless Steel

Honeywell’s digital gauges provide a highly portable force measurement device. Their compact design, powered by a 9 V battery supply, can easily be carried to remote locations to perform force measurement calibrations in the field. Two different models are available which measure forces in tension and compression over ranges of up to 10000 lbs. or up to 50,000 lbs. The remote location of the load sensor minimizes the chance of damage to the electronic body of the gauge.

The stainless steel construction of the sensor and indicator make the unit rugged enough to withstand field use, while the peak capture feature allows the highest force reading taken to be displayed with the push of a button. Both models feature a large, membrane face with raised high, low and clear buttons and easy setup, operation, and viewing of results. Optional handles are available for the load cell and gauge. If you need special modifications or a complete custom design to meet your unique requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • Rugged, stainless steel design with battery operated power supply for easy portability
  • Measures load ranges up to either 10000 lb or 50000 lb
  • Tension and compression measurement
  • High and low force capture
  • Zero offset/tare
  • Load sensor separate from the gauge unit for increased ruggedness and durability
  • Easy to read face with large buttons
  • Quick and easy setup and operation
  • Optional handles, panel mounting ring, and carrying case
  • Optional NEMA 4 rating

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Digital Gauges – Stainless Steel


Model LC

Digital force indicator • 4 ½ digit display • ±0.7 %FS accuracy • Range of 5 lb to 50,000 lbs • Compression only • Stainless steel…

Model LK

Digital force indicator • 4 ½ digit display • ±0.25 % & ±0.30 %FS accuracy • Range of 1 lb to 10,000 lbs • Tension/compression •…

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