Honeywell offers a large selection of linear variable displacement transducers (LVDTs) designed to meet the rugged requirements common to most single- and multiple-point industrial gauging applications or test and measurement applications in research and scientific laboratory studies. To view the complete portfolio of LVDT sensors, visit the Test and Measurement website.

Honeywell displacement transducer products (LVDTs) are constructed of durable stainless steel for long-lasting performance. Each is designed as a complete package, eliminating the need for customers to identify, purchase and install additional components in order to implement the transducer.

Honeywell LVDTs are available in AC/AC or DC/DC, long stroke or short stroke. Select models available with submersible connectors for underwater use. Need something special? Contact Honeywell to discuss your specific application needs.

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Long Stroke Displacement Transducers (LVDTs)

Static & dynamic displacement transducers; ac-ac or dc-dc; ±0.5 in to 18.5 in range More details

Short Stroke Displacement Transducers (LVDTs)

Miniature static & dynamic displacement transducers; ac-ac or dc-dc; ±0,1 in to ±0,4 in range More details

Submersible Displacement Transducers (LVDTs)

Waterproof dynamic stroke displacement transducers • ac-ac or dc-dc • ±0.1 inch to ±0.4 inch & ±0.04 inch to ±8 inch ranges More details

Sub-sea Displacement Transducers (LVDTs)

Submersible all welded 316 stainless steel displacement transducers • ac-ac or dc-dc • Operate down to 7,500 ft in seawater More details

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