Model 424


Model 424

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The Model 424 wing union pressure transmitters are rugged sensors designed for use with 2202 wing unions in demanding land-based and off-shore applications. The isolated pressure sensing diaphragm minimizes zero-shift during hammer up and eliminates long-term signal drift in the field. The sensor diaphragm and wing union fitting are machined as one part.

The Model 424 is constructed as an all-welded assembly using a deep penetration, proprietary, electron-beam welding process, which also ensures hermetic integrity for all field conditions. These transmitters incorporate special assembly processes to vibration and shockproof the components to ensure performance are maintained during the rigors of fracturing and cementing applications. The 2202 wing union compatible fittings are machined of Inconel® X-750 providing service with highly abrasive and corrosive media. This configuration complies with NACE Standard MR-01-75 (1980) for corrosive service, optional two-wire shunt calibration.

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Model 424



Model 424 Wing Union Pressure Transmitter; 0 psi to 20,000 psi; Long-Life X-750 Material; Rugged & Robust Design; 2202 51 mm [2 in] Wing Union Size;…

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