HGuide n500 Inertial Navigator

The HGuide n500 is built on Honeywell’s leading-edge HG4930 IMU plus the widely accredited Honeywell HGuide Sensor Fusion (HGSF) software. Honeywell’s integration expertise blends the data from the IMU and  data from a customer- supplied GNSS receiver to provide accurate, robust navigation service with all the functionalities that you need in an ultra-low SWaP form factor.

The HGuide n500 output data includes timestamped position, velocity, angular rate, linear acceleration, roll, pitch, and heading information. In dual-antenna mode, the n500 supports GNSS-based heading measurements and initialization.


  • Honeywell proven navigation algorithms for Air, Land, and Sea
  • World-class inertial sensor development, calibration, and compensation
  • Proven reliability, dependability, and ruggedness. MTBF = 80,000 hours
  • Highest-performing Inertial/Navigator of its size, weight, and price
  • Multiple communication ports
  • Accurate attitude performance that provides better quality navigation trajectories
  • The HGuide n500  inertial navigation system is not ITAR controlled. Its Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) is 7A994 and is generally available free of an export license
  • Compatible with multiple GNSS receivers, including HGuide g080 from Honeywell


  • HGuide n500 IO Interface card
  • GNSS antennas and cables with Survey and UAV grade options
  • HGuide Data Reader, SDK and ROS Drivers to support easy integration
  • HGuide g080 GNSS receiver


HGuide N500 Datasheet

Marketing Part Number Honeywell Part Number
n500 – N251 68910500-N251
n500 – S251 68910500-S251
n500 – U251 68910500-U251
n500 Adapter Board 68012361-001
HGuide Navigator Terminated I/O 1 Cable –
Without USB Connector
HGuide Navigator Terminated I/O 2 Cable 53700054-6
HGuide Navigator Unterminated I/O 1 Cable 53700054-7
HGuide Navigator Unterminated I/O 2 Cable 53700054-8
HGuide Navigator Terminated I/O 1 Cable –
With USB Connector
UAV Antenna 53700060-1
Survey Antenna 53700062-1
5m RF SMA Male to TNC Male Cable 53700063-2
5m RF SMA Male to SMA Female Cable 53700063-3
HG4930 Evaluation Kit 68009732-001
i300 Evaluation Kit 68009732-003
HGuide Navigator Eval Kit with 2 I/O cables 68010029-001
HGuide Navigator Eval Kit with 2 I/O cables &
2 UAV Antennas
HGuide Navigator Eval Kit with 2 I/O cables &
2 Survey Antennas


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