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Sensor Evaluation Kits

Honeywell Sensor Evaluation Kits interface certain sensors to an industry-standard, user-provided Arduino™ Uno Rev3 Microcontroller Board. Honeywell software, which can be downloaded for free below, controls the Arduino board to take readings from the sensor. Sensor measurements are displayed on the user’s PC and can be recorded to a .csv file for further analysis. Sensor Evaluation Kits for other Honeywell sensors are under development.

Value to Customers

  • Quicker, easier sensor evaluation: The Sensor Evaluation Board and associated Honeywell software simplify sensor evaluation and demonstration by eliminating the need for the customer to develop any code before seeing sensor measurements.
  • Remote mounting: In addition to being mounted directly on the Sensor Evaluation Board, the sensor may also be remotely connected to the Sensor Evaluation Board via wire leads, allowing the sensor to be tested in adverse environments, or in a prototype product for proof of concept testing of the customer’s end product.
  • Cost-effective: Provides a cost-effective way learn about the capabilities of our sensors so customers can make better informed component decisions faster. Customers are then able to perform a more thorough evaluation of the sensor without needing to develop additional code.
  • Expedites development: As the Sensor Evaluation Board allows customers to test their product, this helps customers to expedite their development process.

Potential Applications

  • Sensor demonstration
  • Sensor testing and evaluation
  • Proof-of-concept testing
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Sensor Evaluation Kits



Evaluates the ABP Series (digital versions only) and MPR Series Board Mount Pressure Sensors; Honeywell HumidIcon™ Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensors: HIH6100 Series, HIH6000 Series, HIH7000 Series, HIH8000…


Evaluates the Honeywell TruStability™ RSC Series; HSC Series and SSC Series (digital versions only) Board Mount Pressure Sensors

The SEK001 has sockets to receive the following…

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