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T&M Torque Transducers

Honeywell has been designing and customizing both rotary and reaction torque transducers for more than 50 years; earning an extensive global reputation for high quality and accuracy in torque measurement.

Our extensive product line reflects this dedication, offering unmatched application and mechanical flexibility. From basic torque telemetry to advanced digital measurement, you will find a product that suits your application. To view the complete portfolio of torque transducers, visit the Test & Measurement website.

Honeywell designs, engineers and manufactures both reaction and rotary torque sensors utilizing bonded strain gage technology. Rotary torque capabilities include both in-line mounting configurations, as well as clamp-on sensors. Varying signal transfer methods from the traditional slip ring and rotary transformer to both analog and digital telemetry methods complete a product lineup to fulfill most application requirements. Look to Honeywell for products designed for the precise measurements required for test and measurement in research and development, manufacturing, process control, and quality assurance.

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Digital Telemetry

0.05% FS total system accuracy • DIN, SAE, shaft to shaft, integral or custom couplings available • High torsional stiffness More details

Reaction Torque Tranducers

Bonded, strain gauge technology; 0,18 Nm to 217K Nm capacities; Shaft-to-shaft, flange-to-flange, shaft-to-flange mounting More details

Rotary Transformer Torque Transducers

Non-contact rotary transformer shaft & flange mount • 0,02 NM to 1500 Nm capacities • Amplified & unamplified More details

Slip Ring Torque Tranducers

Slip ring-based torque sensors • 0,07 Nm to 11,300 Nm capacities • Temperature-hardened stainless steel for long-term stability More details

Analog Telemetry (WDC) Torque Tranducers

Torque, HP & RPM sensing • Non-contact wireless telemetry technology transmits thermocouple data • RF modulation types includes FSK & PWM More details

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