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Rotary Transformer Torque Transducers

Honeywell’s non-contact amplified rotary torque sensors are suitable for laboratory applications as well as industrial environments because of their compact size and multiple mounting options. Current models include either shaft or square drive styles. The contactless transmission of supply voltage and measuring signal enables continuous operation with low maintenance. If you need a specialized non-contact rotary torque system with an output other than the models listed below, contact Honeywell to discuss your special needs.

Test & Measurement Torque Transducer Range Guide

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Non-contact, Unamplified, Shaft Torque Transducers

Non-contact rotary transformer, shaft mount • 0,35 NM to 7 Nm & 5 NM to 11,300 Nm capacities • Speed sensor & foot mount options More details

Non-contact, Unamplified, Flange Torque Transducers

Non-contact, unamplified, flange drive torque sensors • 225 Nm to 1,130 Nm & 2250 Nm to 11,300 Nm capacities • Extended speed range More details

Non-contact, Unamplified, Special Torque Transducers

Non-contact rotary transformer, shaft mount torque sensors • 50 lb-in up to 10,000 lb-in capacities • 0.05% and 0.1% non-linearity and hysteresis More details

Non-contact, Amplified, Shaft Rotary Transformer Torque Transducers

Non-contact amplified rotary torque sensors • 0.02 Nm to 1,500 Nm capacities • Compact size & multiple mounting options More details

Non-contact, Amplified, Square Drive Rotary Transformer Torque Transducers

Non-contact square drive amplified rotary torque sensors • 500 Nm to 2,000 Nm capacities • <0,25% accuracy • Non-linearity < ±0.15 % rated output More details

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