Inertial Measurement Units

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Inertial Measurement Units

Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensors are designed to provide motion, position, and navigational sensing from a durable single device over six degrees of freedom. This is achieved by using either MEMS- (microelectromechanical system), FOG- (Fiber Optic Gyroscope) or RLG- (Ring Laser Gyroscope) technology to sense translational movement in three perpendicular axes (surge, heave, sway) and rotational movement about three perpendicular axes (roll, pitch, yaw). Because the movement and rotation along the three axes are independent of each other, such motion is said to have “six degrees of freedom.”

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MEMS Inertial Measurement Units

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems technology sensors to design high accuracy Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) for meeting current and future requirements. Mehr Details zur Serie

FOG Inertial Measurement Units

Fiber Optic Gyros are insensitive to shock & vibration and are free from effects of gravity induced errors due to no moving parts. Mehr Details zur Serie

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