Industrial Sensing & Control

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Industrial Sensing & Control

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Photoelectric Controls

Position, Presence, Colour, contrast and luminescence sensors, fork sensors for label detection, as well as devices for dimensional and distance measurement. Mehr Details zur Serie

Laser distance measuring

Unique long-distance sensors measure distances of up to 500 meters with an accuracy of ±1 millimeter. Sensors are available from stock! Mehr Details zur Serie

K1G High-Accuracy Position Sensors

Edge position sensing for film, wafers, and glass substrates Mehr Details zur Serie

Liquid Flowmeters

Flow-rate measurement devices for liquids in the small and micro-volume range. Mehr Details zur Serie

Flow Switches for Liquids

Flow switches designed to produce minimal pressure drops in low flow rate applications. Mehr Details zur Serie

Ultrasonic Distance Sensors

Ultrasonic distance sensors for use in the industrial automation as well as in monitoring and automotive applications. Mehr Details zur Serie

Inductive Proximity Sensors

The proven solution for safe, non-contact detection of metal objects Mehr Details zur Serie

Honeywell Braukmann by Resideo

Water treatment products, water fittings, radiator and heating fittings, control systems Mehr Details zur Serie

Panel mounted Controllers and Programmers

Honeywell’s Controllers are ideal for monitoring and controlling process variables like temperature, pressure and levels in a wide-range of applications. Mehr Details zur Serie

LoRaWAN Data Acquisition

Multi-variant sensing platform based on the latest LoRaWAN® protocol communication technology. Low power consumption and easy installation helps manufacturers to deploy it at a scale while… Mehr Details zur Serie

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