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HGuide i200& i300 MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit

The HGuide i300/i200 is a high performance Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS)
based Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) designed to meet the needs of applications across various markets including agriculture, AUVs, industrial equipment, robotics, survey/mapping, stabilized platforms, transportation, UAVs, and UGVs.

With industry standard communication interfaces and a wide input voltage range the
HGuide i300/i200 is easily integrated into a variety of architectures. The extremely small
size, lightweight, and low power make the HGuide i300/i200 ideal for many applications.

The HGuide i300 inertial measurement unit (IMU) is the newest and smallest member of Honeywell’s suite of non-itar, micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) IMUs.

Key Honeywell Advantages

  • Decades of experience producing inertial sensors
  • Ability to provide a scalable, cost-effective solution for any application
  • Performance levels – and costs – aligned with your needs
  • World-class inertial sensor development, calibration and compensation expertise
  • Configurable options with selectable output data rates and filtering
  • Multiple, configurable communication protocols
  • Proven reliability, dependability and ruggedness
Available Part Numbers Ordering Part Number 
i200CA51 68910200-CA51
i300AA50 68910300-AA50
i300BA50 68910300-BA50
HG4930/i300 Evaluation Kit 68009732-003
HG4930/i300 Adapter Board 68011566-001
HGuide Navigator Terminated I/O 1 Cable –
Without USB Connector
HGuide Navigator Terminated I/O 2 Cable 53700054-6
HGuide Navigator Unterminated I/O 1 Cable 53700054-7
HGuide Navigator Unterminated I/O 2 Cable 53700054-8
HGuide Navigator Terminated I/O 1 Cable –
With USB Connector
UAV Antenna 53700060-1
Survey Antenna 53700062-1
5m RF SMA Male to TNC Male Cable 53700063-2
5m RF SMA Male to SMA Female Cable 53700063-3
HG4930 Evaluation Kit 68009732-001
i300 Evaluation Kit 68009732-003
HGuide Navigator Eval Kit with 2 I/O cables 68010029-001
HGuide Navigator Eval Kit with 2 I/O cables &
2 UAV Antennas
HGuide Navigator Eval Kit with 2 I/O cables &
2 Survey Antennas


i200 & i300 Installation and Interface Manual

i300 Brochure

i200 & i300 Detailed Mechanical


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