Flow Switches for Liquids

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Flow Switches for Liquids

The sensors have a free-floating shuttle which acts as the flow trigger. No internal mechanical actuation is needed. Consequently the devices are sensitive to very low flow rates and produce negligible pressure drops. This construction is maintenance-free and extremely reliable.

  • Operates in low flow conditions
  • Minimum restriction to flow
  • Material Water Research Council approved for hot (85°C) and cold potable water
  • Dezincificated brass housing
  • Pressure tested to 10 bar
  • Solid state ac mains switching output
  • Vertical mount
  • Axial design for ease of installation
  • Choice of 22mm compression fittings or 3/4″ B.S.P. male and female connections

FRN Flow Switches

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Flow Switches for Liquids

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