Thanks to its compact design and its price-optimised design, the flowmeter NANO offers the perfect solution for use in household coffee machines.

Competition in the constantly growing market for capsule coffee machines is driving manufacturers to become more creative and develop sophisticated products that can compete based on their reliability as well as their design qualities.

Industrial design is playing an increasingly major role in the creation of new products. By overcoming certain technical limitations, DIGMESA is helping coffee machine manufacturers to channel their energy into the creative process. Given the trend towards increasingly compact and versatile machines with a more and more constrained exterior and interior volume, our challenge has been to respond to the needs of our clients while simultaneously creating a product that allows them to meet highest technical and aesthetic expectations.

The technical revolution embodied in NANO’s compact conception is facilitating the development of a distinct number of solutions for coffee machines that were hitherto impractical due to inherent limitations in the size of components. Another unique feature of NANO that distinguishes it from all competing products is the flexibility to choose the desired spatial arrangement. This freedom lowers creative barriers and serves as the basis for diverse products that can truly stand out in the marketplace.

Its compact design allows NANO users to enlarge their profit margin. Despite the production expenditures necessary to deliver Swiss quality along with the utmost in reliability and conformance to the applicable food standards (NSF 169, German Food and Feed Code LFGB (EU 1935/2004)), the price of this new flow sensor is still below that of its own predecessor (the Digmesa FHKSC). Moreover, its reliability makes it more valuable than competing products. By reducing the size and weight of its flow sensor for coffee machine applications, Digmesa’s NANO is a solution that is more compact and provides better performance for shipping and storage than its predecessor, which turns NANO into a commercial success.

Flow Range
1.1 mm 0.08 – 0.4 l/min
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