Area sensors based on light array technology are available in AS1 line for object detection purposes in a very wide range of applications with 100 mm controlled height

AS1 Areascan – Datasheet

Ordernumbers Productnumbers + Material Description
958101000 AS1-LD-HR-010-J = Dimensional array 100mm. long distance high resolution   –  M12
958101010 AS1-LD-SR-010-J = Dimensional array 100mm. long distance standard resolution   –  M12
958101020 AS1-HD-HR-010-J = Dimensional array 100mm. high distance high resolution   –  M12
958101040 AS1-LD-HR-010-P = Dimensional array 100mm. long distance high resolution trimmer adjust  –  M12
958101050 AS1-LD-SR-010-P = Dimensional array 100mm. long distance standard resolution trimmer adjust  –  M12
958101030 AS1-HD-SR-010-J = Dimensional array 100mm. long distance standard resolution   –  M12
95A251090 CS-A1-02-O-10 = M12 4-p axial 10m CEI 2034-01
95A251240 CS-A2-02-G-05 = M12 4-p radial 5m
95A251245 CS-A2-02-G-07 = M12 4-p radial 7m
95A251260 CS-A2-02-G-10 = M12 4-p radial 10m
95A251270 CS-A1-02-G-05 = M12 4-p axial 5m
95A251350 CS-A2-12-G-05 = M12 4-p radial 5m LED
95A251360 CS-A2-02-G-03 = M12 4-p radial 3m
95A251370 CS-A2-12-G-10 = M12 4-p radial 10m LED
95A251380 CS-A1-02-G-03 = M12 4-p axial 3m
95A251390 CS-A1-02-G-10 = M12 4-p axial 10m
95A251400 CS-A2-12-G-03 = M12 4-p radial 3m LED
95A251540 CS-A1-02-R-02 = M12 4-p axial 2m PUR
95A251550 CS-A2-02-R-02 = M12 4-p radial 2m PUR
95A251560 CS-A1-02-R-05 = M12 4-p axial 5m PUR
95A251570 CS-A2-02-R-05 = M12 4-p radial 5m PUR
95A251690 CS-A2-02-O-05 = M12 4-p radial 5m CEI 2034-01
95A251700 CS-A2-02-O-10 = M12 4-p radial 10m CEI 2034-01
95A251710 CS-A1-02-O-05 = M12 4-p axial 5m CEI 2034-01
95A252700 CS-A1-03-U-50 = M12 5-p axial 50m UL 2464
95ACC2110 CS-A1-03-G-03 = M12 5-p axial 3m
95ACC2120 CS-A1-03-G-05 = M12 5-p axial 5m
95ACC2140 CS-A1-03-G-10 = M12 5-p axial 10m
95ASE1120 CS-A1-02-U-03 = M12 4-p axial 3m UL 2464
95ASE1130 CS-A1-02-U-05 = M12 4-p axial 5m UL 2464
95ASE1140 CS-A1-02-U-10 = M12 4-p axial 10m UL 2464
95ASE1150 CS-A1-02-U-15 = M12 4-p axial 15m UL 2464
95ASE1160 CS-A1-02-U-25 = M12 4-p axial 25m UL 2464
95ASE1170 CS-A1-03-U-03 = M12 5-p axial 3m UL 2464
95ASE1180 CS-A1-03-U-05 = M12 5-p axial 5m UL 2464
95ASE1190 CS-A1-03-U-10 = M12 5-p axial 10m UL 2464
95ASE1200 CS-A1-03-U-15 = M12 5-p axial 15m UL 2464
95ASE1210 CS-A1-03-U-25 = M12 5-p axial 25m UL 2464
G5085002 CS-A1-02-B-NC = M12 4-p axial PG
G5085003 CS-A2-02-B-NC = M12 4-p radial PG
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