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Environmental Sensors

Honeywell offers a broad array of humidity, particular matter, thermal and flexible heater products, each designed to provide enhanced reliability, repeatability, precision, and responsiveness:

Air Quality Monitor

Particulate Matter Sensing

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensors

Humidity Products:

  • Humidity Sensors

Temperature Sensors and Thermal Sensing Elements:

  • RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) Sensing Elements
  • Thermistor Sensing Elements
  • Packaged Temperature Probes

Commerical Thermostats/Thermal Switches

Flexible Heaters

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Particulate Matter Sensors

Particulate matter sensors use the light scattering method to detect and count particles in a given environment. Mehr Details zur Serie

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensors

Non-dispersive infrared CO2 sensors for use in potential HVAC, indoor air quality measurement & purification system applications Mehr Details zur Serie

Humidity Sensors

Honeywell HumidIcon combined humidity/temperature sensors & RH absorption-based humidity sensors. Mehr Details zur Serie

Temperature Sensors & Thermal Sensing Elements

RTD & thermistor sensing elements & packaged temperature probes; commercial, precision & high reliability thermostats/thermal switches Mehr Details zur Serie

Commercial Thermostats

Honeywell manufactures a wide range of thermostats: Commercial: 12,7 mm [0.5 in], snap-action, bi-metal thermostats that include a choice of automatic or manual reset, phenolic or… Mehr Details zur Serie

Flexible Heaters

Flat, molded-to-shape, spiral wrap, composit, e and high-temperature configurations. Single, multiple or variable Watt, Custom versions. Mehr Details zur Serie

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