VF401 2-wire magnetoresistive fine-pitch ring magnet sensor IC, flat TO-92-style, 500 units/bulk
The VF401 is a high performance, digital, 2-wire, MR (magnetoresistive) sensor in a miniature, flat, TO-92-style, plastic package with a current output, designed for sensing fine pitch ring magnets.

The unique VF401 bridge array (patent number 6,297,628) has been optimized to allow a greater air gap between the target and the sensor with reduced loss in sensor signal or accuracy.

The VF401 has a reduced sensitivity to run-out (shift in sensor position relative to the inside or outside diameter of the ring magnet). It is also less sensitive to tilt tolerance (deviation from parallel positioning of the sensing elements and ring magnet), accepting up to 10°, versus only 2° to 3° for typical ring magnet sensors, as well as being less sensitive to twist (deviation of perfect angular position of the bridge runners relative to the pole transitions).

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Produkt Merkmale


  • Robust design operating from -40 °C to 150 °C [-40 °F to 302 °F] can withstand short durations up to 175 °C [347 °F], allowing use in potential applications with extreme temperature requirements.
  • Not damaged by reverse polarity voltages when customer-supplied sense resistor is installed, enhancing protection.
  • Patented MR bridge optimized for stable sensing of 20- to 50-pole pair ring magnets with improved insensitivity to run-out, tilt and twist.
  • 2-wire digital current output simplifies wiring and interfacing which can reduce total system cost.
  • Enhanced sensitivity, ±7 Gauss typical, allows for larger air gaps (up to 2,5 mm [0.098 in]) and higher pole density (up to 50-pole pairs depending on ring diameter).
  • One pulse per pole pair output and differential bridge operation allow compatibility with differential Hall sensors which can make it easier to upgrade existing applications.
  • Wide speed capability provides application flexibility with true zero speed sensing and operation up to 3000 Hz.
  • Output pattern independent of gap between target and sensor.
  • RoHS-compliant materials meet Directive 2002/95/EC.



  • Speed encoding using a multipole ring magnet
  • Enhanced accuracy rotational position sensing
  • Wheel speed sensing
  • Window lift applications
  • Speed and direction sensing


  • Shaft speed encoding using a multipole ring magnet
  • Enhanced accuracy rotational position sensing
  • Precision motor speed measurement
  • Speed control in machine tools
  • Elevator speed sensing
  • Speed control in motorized industrial equipment


  • Shaft speed encoding using a multipole ring magnet

Technische Daten

Series Name
Ring Magnet
Product Type
Magnetoresistive digital ring magnet speed sensor IC
Magnetic Actuation Type
Differential bridge
Supply Voltage
4.5 Vdc to 16 Vdc
Supply Current
16.8 mA max. (operate), 8.4 mA max. (release)
Output Type
Operating Temperature
-40°C to 150°C [-40°F to 302°F]
Package Type
Flat TO-92-style, 500 units/bag
Switching Time Rise (10 % to 90 %)
1.5 µs max.
Switching Time Fall (90 % to 10 %)
1.5 µs max.

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