HMR3000 Digital Compass Module

The Honeywell HMR3300 is a digital compass solution for use in precision heading applications. Honeywell’s magnetoresistive sensor is utilized to provide the reliability and accuracy of these small, solid-state compass designs. This compass solution is designed for generic precision compass integration into customer systems using a 5-voltage logic level serial data interface with commands in ASCII format.
The HMR3300 includes a MEMS accelerometer for a horizontal three-axis, tilt compensated precision compass for performance up to a
±60° tilt range.
Honeywell continues to maintain product excellence and performance by introducing innovative solid-state magnetic sensor solutions. The HMR3300 is a highly-reliable, top-performance product that is delivered when promised. Honeywell’s magnetic sensor provides real solutions you can count on.

HMR3300 Digital Compass Solutions – Datasheet

FAQ to Magnetic Sensors, Compasses and Magnetometers

Ordering Number Product
HMR3300 PCB Module Only
HMR3300-D00-232 PCB Module and RS-232 Motherboard
HMR3300-Demo-232 PCB Module with Develop
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