RPN Series

RPN Series Rotary Position Sensors use a magnetically biased, Hall-effect integrated circuit (IC) to sense rotary movement of the actuator shaft over a set operating range. Rotation of the actuator shaft changes the IC’s position relative to the magnets. The resulting flux density change is converted to a linear output. The IC, together with conditioning and protection circuitry, and two permanent magnets, is sealed in a rugged package of IP67 or greater for durability in most harsh environments.

Solid-state Hall-effect technology provides non-contact operation, long service life, low torque actuation and reduced wear-out mechanisms. Eight operating ranges (50°, 60°, 70°, 90°, 120°, 180°, 270° and 360°) are tolerant to over travel and allow use in most common applications. Five different supply voltages and eight different output configurations, in either mA or Vdc, improve compatibility with a variety of control systems.

Two versions provide dual outputs for use where an additional output may be desired where redundancy and backup is needed. Another potential application includes using one output for an indicator and the second for the control system.

Lever versions are available. The easy-to-mount sensor has a mounting flange with two round or oval mounting holes. All products have AMP or Deutsch receptacles.

Available products:




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