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Specialty Limit Switches

Honeywell offers a variety of specialty limit switches with unique characteristics for special applications.

The elastomer boot on the BAF1 Series sealed actuator versions protects the actuating mechanism and the internal basic switch from contaminants. There is a seal gasket between the cover plate and the enclosures on all versions. The cover plate is removed for ease of wiring and switch replacement without demounting the switch.

BF Series plastic enclosed basic switches are available with a wide variety of operators, and are designed for easy mounting and wiring. BF switches mount utilizing two (2) #6 screws installed through the two diametrically opposite mounting holes in the switch housing (2.312 in x 1.375 in spacing). The BF switches are designed to allow mounting with the cover either towards or away from the mounting surface. Switches with lever type actuators are adjustable in two directions. The entire actuator can be rotated around its mounting bushing, and the angle of the lever can also be changed.

LN switches are designed to withstand rapid hammer-blow actuation. Impact on the actuating plunger cannot reach the precision switch unit inside. Individual seals around each lead wire and cover plate protect switch cavity from condensate, oil and dust.

OP enclosed switches are precision snap-action switches sealed in rugged cast aluminum housings. Cover and shaft seals keep out moisture and other contaminants on rotary operated switches. The plungers in the Q-plunger version are not sealed.

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BAF Series

High Capacity Enclosed Switches • Metal housing • NEMA 1,3,4,13 sealing • 101 mm x 41 mm mounting centers • UL/CSA approvals Mehr Details zur Serie

OP Series

Metal housing; Side, top or end mounting; NEMA 1, 3, 4, 13 sealing; UL/CSA approvals Mehr Details zur Serie

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