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Charge Output – Subminiature Accelerometers

Honeywell’s subminiature charge output accelerometers are designed to be used in Industrial test and automation environments with high temperatures or where a high natural frequency is desired. Their extremely small footprint and low profile allows them to be used in tight spaces with limited clearances.

These models are self generating piezoelectric transducers with no internal electronics and require no external power for operation. Units are usually connected to a local charge amplifier mounted as near as possible in a lower temperature environment. The seismic element is mechanically isolated from the mounting base, resulting in a low base strain sensitivity. Each features a wide frequency range and a flat sensitivity vs. temperature response over the temperature range. Non-magnetic stainless steel and sealed body provide accurate and reliable data in rugged environments.


  • Subminiature sizes smaller than a fingernail to fit in extremely tight spaces
  • Charge output (pC/G)
  • 45 kHZ mounted frequency
  • Low sensitivity
  • Side entry with microdot connector
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