SC2001 Series

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The SC series models are self-calibrating microprocessor-based transducer signal conditioners when used with sig mod equipped transducers. Indicators are available with several different types of input channels and output channels. When used with unamplified strain gage transducers that have the signature calibration module installed, these instruments will completely self calibrate zero, span, decimal point, and engineering units automatically. The Model SC2001 includes all the features of the SC2000 in a portable, rugged enclosure.The model SC2001 can hold up to four physical channels in their 3/8 DIN Aluminum bench-top chassis. A bright, dual-line 16-character display can display 5, 6 or 7 numeric digits; simply press a button to select the next channel to be viewed. If configured for split-screen operation, up to four channel values can be displayed at the same time. The SC2000 includes four open collector limit (alarm) outputs plus peak and valley detection.


  • Portable mounting for SC2000
  • Vehicle power or ac power input
  • Easy hook up of sensors
  • Pressure, load, displacement transducer voltage current, strain gage based sensor input
  • Convenient cable storage
  • CE approved

Model SC2001 Portable Transducer Display and Signal Conditioning Unit Datasheet

Model SC Series Signal-Conditioning Digital Indicators Product Manual

Instrumentation Accessories Datasheet

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