Model 1103

Model 1103 Low Capacity Torque Sensor, 10 oz-in to 20 oz-in, 0.05 % Non-linearity and Hysteresis, Lower Cost for General “In-line” Applications. A line of low capacity rotary slip ring torque sensors primarily designed for fractional horsepower motor test applications. Instrumental in monitoring start up, running, and stall torque levels during development and qualification of these motors. Capacity range from 10 in-oz to 20 in-oz for small shaft mounting configurations.


  • 10 in-oz and 20 in-oz capacities
  • 0.05 % non-linearity and hysteresis
  • Lower cost for general “in-line” applications
  • Can be used with almost all existing dc and ac signal conditioning equipment
  • Manual brush lifter (standard)

Model 1103 Low Capacity Torque Transducer Datasheet

Model 1103 Outline Drawing

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