Square Drive Slip Ring Torque Transducers


Square Drive Slip Ring Torque Transducers

Honeywell’s square drive, slip ring torque transducers can be used to measure the output torque of stall and clutch-type nut-runners in production fastening operations (not recommended for mechanical impact wrenches). Units equipped with incremental encoders are available for applications where the fastener’s angle of rotation, as well as, torque data are required. These sensors are often used to monitor operation of systems using the following fastening strategies: turn of the nut, tension control and yield control. Need a special modification or custom design for your particular application? Contact Honeywell to discuss your specific requirements.


  • Capacity ranges from 50 in-lbs to 1000 ft-lb
  • 0.15% non-linearity and hysteresis
  • Hex (in-lbs sizes) and square drive configurations
  • Incremental encoder option
  • Adaptable for portable usage
  • No special adapter tools required
  • Repeatable torque measurements

Test & Measurement Torque Transducer Range Guide

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Square Drive Slip Ring Torque Transducers

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