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UDC700 DIN Controller

The 1/32 DIN faceplate and shallow case depth allow the UDC700 universal controller to be installed in a 45mm x 22mm panel cutout. Automatic tuning, 0.25 percent accuracy and temperature stability of 0.01 percent of span per degree Celsius ensure that process parameters are accurately measured and closely maintained by this digital controller. UDC700 digital controller comes with a 10 mm four digit, red LED display that provides all essential information clearly and quickly.

The water and dust resistant temperature controller is easy to operate and configure and delivers accuracy and flexibility, which make it suitable to control temperature and process variables across many industries. This digital controller is an ideal and cost effective companion for ovens, kilns, plastic molding and extruding machinery, extruders, dryers and packaging machine. The UDC700 universal controller also includes an indicator-only model for users who simply want to monitor a process.

UDC700 – Specification

UDC700 – Operator Manual

UDC700 – Product Manual

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