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HGuide o360 Inertial/GNSS Navigator

The HGuide o360 INS/GNSS navigator contains a powerful dual-antenna, multifrequency, multi-constellation, RTK capable GNSS receiver, and Honeywell’s leading- edge i300 IMU technology and a high- grade calibrated Magnetometer.

Honeywell’s sensor fusion expertise blends the IMU, GNSS and Magnetometer data to deliver an accurate, robust navigation service to your application with all the functionalities that you need, even through GNSS outages. The HGuide o360 output data includes timestamped position, velocity, angular rate, linear acceleration, roll, pitch and heading information at 100Hz. In dual-antenna mode, the device supports GNSS-based heading measurements and initialization.

Key Honeywell Advantages:

  • Honeywell advanced navigation algorithms for air, land and sea tailored to industrial applications
  • Full INS/GNSS capability in a common GNSS form factor
  • Proven reliability and dependability. MTBF >50,000 hours
  • Onboard NTRIP client and accepts RTCM3 corrections
  • Multiple, configurable communication ports including UART, Ethernet and CAN
  • Direct input of quadrature pulses from Distance Measurement Instrument (DMI)
  • Compatible with most commercial LiDAR sensors
  • Onboard Data Logging available for IMU and GNSS data suitable for Post Processing
  • Raw IMU Data Rate up to 600Hz, GNSS 5Hz
  • Compatible with Honeywell HGuide Post Processing suite
  • The HGuide o360 inertial navigation system is not ITAR- controlled. Its Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) is 7A994 and is generally available free of an export license

HGuide o360 Datasheet

Marketing Part Number Honeywell Part Number
o360-A258 68960360-CA88
HGuide Navigator Terminated I/O 1 Cable –
Without USB Connector
HGuide Navigator Terminated I/O 2 Cable 53700054-6
HGuide Navigator Unterminated I/O 1 Cable 53700054-7
HGuide Navigator Unterminated I/O 2 Cable 53700054-8
HGuide Navigator Terminated I/O 1 Cable –
With USB Connector
UAV Antenna 53700060-1
Survey Antenna 53700062-1
5m RF SMA Male to TNC Male Cable 53700063-2
5m RF SMA Male to SMA Female Cable 53700063-3
HG4930 Evaluation Kit 68009732-001
i300 Evaluation Kit 68009732-003
HGuide Navigator Eval Kit with 2 I/O cables 68010029-001
HGuide Navigator Eval Kit with 2 I/O cables &
2 UAV Antennas
HGuide Navigator Eval Kit with 2 I/O cables &
2 Survey Antennas


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