R300 Series


R300 Series

The R300 Series is a passive RTD (Resistive Temperature Device) high temperature probe. This product features a robust, stainless-steel closed-tip design that enhances reliability in aggressive environments, while still providing excellent response time. This one-piece sensor with integral connector was designed for use in heavy duty vehicle engine EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) systems where temperature excursions to 300 °C [572 °F] can occur. Other potential applications for this harsh duty sensor may include fluid or air temperature sensing within the engine environment or in industrial applications such HVAC or refrigeration compressor equipment where this type of sensor packaging and temperature range is often ideal.



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R300 Series

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R300 Series immersion temperature probe, RTD, 100 Ohm, 3,0 °C [5.4 °F] tolerance, 20 °C [68 °] accuracy, stainless steel, threaded body (M14x1.25), overmolded connector/AMP JPT/Bosch…

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