Model MA331


Model MA331

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The MA331/332 Series accelerometers are designed to be used in Industrial test and automation environments including laboratory testing, modal studies and test cells in application requiring a frequency response down to 0 Hz. The MA331/332 Series accelerometers come in different styles. This mV output version is for applications where strain gage signal conditioning is likely to be used to condition the signal. The Model MA331/332 Series can also be supplied in a number of different frequency ranges and sensitivities to suit the application. The stainless steel materials are non-magnetic resulting in very low magnetic field susceptibility. These features, together with a sealed body, assure accurate and reliable data.

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Model MA331

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Model MA331, low frequency mV/V accelerometer, ±5 G, square base, side cable exit, sensitivity 15 mV to 75 mV, F.S. useable frequency range dc to 300…

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