Carbon Steel Donut Style Load Cells

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Carbon Steel Donut Style Load Cells

Honeywell’s carbon steel donut style load cells feature a compact, smooth thru-hole design for use in applications which require the load structure to pass through the cell. Typical applications include bolt force measurements, clamping forces, monitoring overloads, post or leg mount, and rolling mill systems in industries such as metal working and automotive. Compression only models measure loads in capacities of 25K, 50K, and 100K lb. The tension/compression models measure loads in capacities of 5K, 10K and 20K. If you have special needs, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss a customized solution.


  • Carbon steel donut style load cell
  • Thru hole design with compact column construction
  • Special aluminum model for bolt and engine mount force sensing and other applications
  • Choose tension / compression or compression only styles
  • Load ranges from 5000 lb up to 100000 lb

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Carbon Steel Donut Style Load Cells

Produkte dieser Serie

Model 3336

• Tension/compression • Ranges of 5,000 lb / 10,000 lb / 20,000 lb • ±0,30 % FS Accuracy • Fits in tight or limited spaces •…

Model 3632

Compression only • Ranges of 25,000 lb / 50,000 lb / 100,000 lb • ±0,25 % FS Accuracy • Compact carbon steel column construction

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