T&M Load Cells


T&M Load Cells

To view more products and options, as well as use the configurator, please visit the Test & Measurement product page.

Honeywell manufactures a wide range of tension, compression and universal measurement load cells. Our load cells are industrially rugged and feature enhanced reliability with stainless steel constructions. Using bonded foil and semiconductor Honeywell load cells are designed to measure force from 25 g to 3 million pounds. To view the complete portfolio of load cells, visit the Test and Measurement website.

Load Cell Range Guide

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Low Profile Load Cells

Low profile & pancake style precision cells offer exceptional structural capability for extraneous torque, bending movement & side loads. Mehr Details zur Serie

Miniature – Stainless Steel

Miniature sizes: 12,7 mm to 35,05 mm in dia. & 11,43 to 38,1 mm in height; load ranges: 50 g to 10000 lbs; 0.5 N to… Mehr Details zur Serie

Subminiature – Stainless Steel

Subminiature sizes from 9,7 mm in dia. & from 3,3 mm in height; load ranges: 150g to 1000 lb; 0.5 N to 5 kN; or 250… Mehr Details zur Serie

Canister Style

Carbon steel & stainless steel models with load measurement capacities up to 2,000,000 lb Mehr Details zur Serie

Donut Style Load Cells

Feature a compact, smooth thru-hole design for use in applications that require the load structure to pass through the cell Mehr Details zur Serie

In-Line/Rod End Load Cells

In-line tension & tension/compression load cells designed to be mounted in-line to the load axis to measure tension Mehr Details zur Serie

Load Pins – Stainless Steel

Sensors for use where “clever pins”, shackle pins, pulley shafts, or bolts carry a load, providing accurate, realtime monitoring of load forces Mehr Details zur Serie

Digital Gauges – Stainless Steel

Highly portable devices, powered by a 9V battery, perform force measurement calibration up to 50,000lb in the field Mehr Details zur Serie

Beam Style Load Cells

Steel or aluminium sensors feature impressive measuring accuracy for even very low bending forces & small dimensions for easy system integration Mehr Details zur Serie

S & Z Beam Style

Economical designs combine a compact form with high precision to produce a superior tension force transducer; 20 kg to 1000 kg, 1000 kg to 20000 kg Mehr Details zur Serie

Load Cells for Special Applications

A variety of load cells adaptable for special applications in automotive, aerospace, oil & gas and other industries Mehr Details zur Serie

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