Model D

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The Model D donut-shaped load cell features a smooth thru-hole design often ideal for applications which require the load structure to pass directly through the cell. Such applications include bolt force measurements, clamping forces, and monitoring overloads. Load ranges as low as 150 grams and as great as 30,000 lb can be measured within a maximum full scale accuracy of ±1.0 %. These models are used in compression applications and are available in multiple hole and frame sizes. For optimum performance, these cells must be mounted between load surfaces which are flat and parallel. The Model D miniature load cell is designed to have a minimum thickness.


  • 150 g to 30000 lb
  • Thru-hole design
  • Flexible configuration

Model D Thru Hole Load Cell Datasheet

Model D Outline Drawing 0.5 in diameter

Model D Outline Drawing 1 in diameter

Model D External Wiring Diagram

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