SS361RT Latching Hall-effect digital position sensor IC, SOT-23, 3000 units/pocket tape and reel

The SS361RT sensor ICs are small, versatile digital Hall-effect devices that are operated by the magnetic field from a permanent magnet or an electromagnet, designed to respond to alternating North and South poles. These bipolar latching sensors have enhanced sensitivity which often allows for the use of less expensive magnets.

The miniature SOT-23 surface mount package requires less PC board space, allowing it to be used in smaller assemblies. Its 3 V capability allows for use in low voltage applications, promoting energy efficiency. The SS316RT is available on tape and reel.

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Produkt Merkmale


  • Enhanced sensitivity
  • Miniature package size
  • Low voltage: 3 V operation
  • Built-in reverse voltage protection
  • Robust design: will operate up to 150°C [302°F]



  • Speed and RPM (revolutions per minute) sensing
  • Tachometer, counter pickup
  • Motor and fan control
  • Electric window lift
  • Convertible roof position
  • Automotive transmission position


  • Speed and RPM (revolutions per minute) sensing
  • Tachometer, counter pickup
  • Flow-rate sensing
  • Brushless dc (direct current) motor commutation
  • Motor and fan control
  • Robotics control


  • Motor assemblies
  • Medication dispense control

Technische Daten

Series Name
SS361RT, SS461R
Product Type
Hall-effect digital position sensor IC
Magnetic Actuation Type
Supply Voltage
3 Vdc to 12 Vdc
Output Voltage
0.4 Vdc max.
Supply Current
8 mA max.
Output Current
20 mA
Leakage Current
10 µA max.
Output Type
Operating Temperature
-40°C to 150°C [-40°F to 302°F]
Storage Temperature
-40°C to 165°C [-40°F to 329°F]
Operate Point
120 G max.
Release Point
-120 G min. (25°C)
50 G min.
Package Type
SOT-23, pocket tape and reel, 3000 units
Switching Time Rise (10 % to 90 %)
1.5 µs max.
Switching Time Fall (90 % to 10 %)
1.5 µs max.

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