Miniature Accelerometers


Miniature Accelerometers

Honeywell’s line of miniature piezoelectric (constant current or charge output) accelerometers provide highly accurate and reliable data output in a low profile footprint for usage in spaces where head room is limited and or a high natural frequency is desired. The seismic element is mechanically isolated from the mounting base, resulting in a low base strain sensitivity. Each sensor is made of non-magnetic stainless steel resulting in very low magnetic field susceptibility, with a sealed body for use in rugged industrial test and automation environments.


  • General purpose for industrial and automation applications
  • Miniature size with low profile to fit in tight spaces
  • IEPE, mV/G, isolated ac, or charge output (pC/G)
  • MAQ series suitable for high temperature environments
  • Frequency ranges from 2 Hz up to 30 kHZ mounted frequency
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Charge Output

Self-generating low-profile piezoelectric accelerometers • 10 kHz, 18 kHz, 30 kHz • Charge output or enhanced sensitivity output (pC/G) Mehr Details zur Serie

Constant Current Miniature Accelerometers

General purpose constant current accelerometers • Miniature size • IEPE, mV/G or isolated ac output Mehr Details zur Serie

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