Model 3161

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The small-diameter, cost-efficient, fatigue-resistant load cells are designed to be used in applications that require an ability to mount in an existing system with restricted working area. They are commonly used in fluid power transfer systems. Their low cost and ease of mounting allow simultaneous testing of multi-element systems. They may be directly attached to the piston rod of a hydraulic cylinder. Adapts directly to hydraulic cylinder; small diameter allows mounting in restricted areas. Side-mounted cable connectors allow cable assemblies to be supported without affecting movement of the cell during tension or compression loading. Low Deflection at full load.


  • 2000 lb to 25000 lb range
  • 0.15 % linearity
  • 0.1 % hysteresis
  • Fatigue resistant
  • Adapts directly to hydraulic cylinder
  • Small diameter allows mounting in restricted areas
  • Low deflection

Model 3161 In-line Load Cell Datasheet

Model 3161 Outline Drawing

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